Ваш уровень не ниже, чем Begginer!

Ваш уровень ниже, чем Begginer!

Браво! Это Ваш уровень.
В целом Вы соответствуете. Но необходимо немного подтянуть.
Скорее всего, Ваш уровень на одну ступень ниже.
Извините, но это не Ваш уровень. Надо работать дальше!

#1. Where do live you?

Where do you live?

#2. My name’s Roy.

#3. Give me book and pencils, please.

Give me the (a) book and (some, the) pencils.

#4. It’s sunny and warm today.

#5. When you will go home?

When will you go home?

#6. There is a pen on the desk. A pen is red.

The pen is red.

#7. I’m going to see a new film tomorrow.

#8. Do you can swim?

Can you swim?

#9. Those are Ben’s cups.

#10. Beth likes reading, but she doesn’t like drawing.

#11. Did she went to school yesterday?

Did she go to school yesterday?

#12. This shoes are under the bed.

These shoes are under the bed.

#13. We saw beautiful tigers and lions in the zoo.

#14. Were you at the museum the day before yesterday?

#15. She will help me? - Yes, she will.

Will she help me?