Ваш уровень не ниже, чем UPPER-INTERMEDIATE!

Ваш уровень ниже, чем UPPER-INTERMEDIATE!

Браво! Это Ваш уровень.
В целом Вы соответствуете. Но необходимо немного подтянуть.
Скорее всего, Ваш уровень на одну ступень ниже.
Извините, но это не Ваш уровень. Надо работать дальше!

#1. She earns twice as much as I do.

#2. If only I would have met you earlier…

If only I had met you earlier…

#3. Will you be meeting me tomorrow at the airport? If not, I’ll have someone else do it.

#4. When I entered the garage I realized that someone had been nosing into my stuff as the things were not arranged the way I’d left them.

#5. Having finished the day’s plan, Paulina left for home.

#6. Should they bother you, let me know at once.

#7. I’m not against you to visit your parents on Christmas. Go ahead!

I’m not against you visiting your parents on Christmas.

#8. Arriving at the farm Phil noticed how much it has changed.

Arriving at the farm Phil noticed how much it had changed.

#9. Look, I’d rather you would have chosen a different college. The one you have entered is no good.

Look, I’d rather you had chosen a different college.

#10. You needn’t have gone to the post-office on Sunday. Don’t you know it is closed on this day?

#11. She is appearing to be quite assertive.

She appears to be quite assertive.

#12. Our family would live in Bristol for five years. I still remember that wonderful time.

Our family lived in Bristol for five years

#13. Silver is nowhere expensive as gold.

Silver is nowhere as expensive as gold.

#14. I tried helping him but he refused it. Well, now he’s on his own.

I tried to help him but he refused it. Well, now he’s on his own.

#15. Rarely have I seen such promising young specialists.