Verb collocations

have a bath
have a drink
have a good time
have a haircut
have a holiday
have a problem
have a relationship
have a rest
have lunch
have sympathy
do business
do nothing
do someone a favour
do the cooking
do the housework
do the shopping
do the washing up
do your best
do your hair
do your homework
make a difference
make a mess
make a mistake
make a noise
make an effort
make furniture
make money
make progress
make room
make trouble
take a break
take a chance
take a look
take a rest
take a seat
take a taxi
take an exam
take notes
take someone’s place
take someone’s temperature
break a habit
break a leg
break a promise
break a record
break a window
break someone’s heart
break the ice
break the law
break the news to someone
break the rules
catch a ball
catch a bus
catch a chill
catch a cold
catch a thief
catch fire
catch sight of
catch someone’s attention
catch someone’s eye
catch the flu
pay a fine
pay attention
pay by credit card
pay cash
pay interest
pay someone a compliment
pay someone a visit
pay the bill
pay the price
pay your respects
save electricity
save energy
save money
save one’s strength
save someone a seat
save someone’s life
save something to a disk
save space
save time
save yourself the trouble
keep a diary
keep a promise
keep a secret
keep an appointment
keep calm
keep control
keep in touch
keep quiet
keep someone’s place
keep the change
come close
come complete with
come direct
come early
come first
come into view
come last
come late
come on time
come prepared
come right back
come second
come to a compromise
come to a decision
come to an agreement
come to an end
come to a standstill
come to terms with
come to a total of
come under attack
go abroad
go astray
go bad
go bald
go bankrupt
go blind
go crazy
go dark
go deaf
go fishing
go mad
go missing
go on foot
go online
go out of business
go overseas
go quiet
go sailing
go to war
go yellow
get a job
get a shock
get angry
get divorced
get drunk
get frightened
get home
get lost
get married
get nowhere
get permission
get pregnant
get ready
get started
get the impression
get the message
get the sack
get upset
get wet
get worried
say yes/no
say something/nothing
say a prayer
say a word
say hello/goodbye
say a few words
say so
tell the truth
tell a lie
tell a joke
tell the time
tell a story
tell a secret
tell the difference
tell one from another
tell one’s name
tell sb the way
speak volumes
speak on behalf of
speak in favour of
speak fluently/well
speak your mind
not on speaking terms
can’t speak a word
gain power
gain control
gain access
gain a reputation
gain a publicity
gain a recognition
gain an advantage
become recognised
become adapted
become extinct
become (un)popular
become homeless
become famous
win an award win a prize
win a medal
win a match
win a battle
win a war
win an election
play sport
play games
play badminton
play hockey
play rugby
play chess
play cards/dominoes
fall heavily/steadily
fall dramatically
fall sharply
fall significantly
fall steeply
fall in love
fall from grace
fall victim
fall below
fall short
fall ill
fall silent
fall asleep
fall to smb’s death
fall into decay
fall into disrepair/ruin/disuse
fall from power