A cause of
A photograph of
Address of
Advantage of
Awareness of
Disadvantage of
Exhibition of
Experience of
Fear of
Grasp of
Habit of
Knowledge of
Love of
Member of
Memory of
Method of
Possibility of
Problem of
Process of
Risk of
Understanding of
Cause of
Example of
Way of
Relevance of
A check for (amount of money)
Reason for
Admiration for
Advertisement for
Approval for
Arguments for
Bid for Case for
Credit for
Cure for
Demand for
Desire for
Fondness for
Hatred for
Love for
Need for
Preference for
Recipe for
Reputation for
Respect for
Responsibility for
Room for
Search for
Talent for
Thirst for
Arguments with
Concern with
Connection with
Contact with
Date with
Dealings with
Difficulty with
Involvement with
Link with
Meeting with
Quarrel with
Relationship with Sympathy with
A decrease in
A fall in
A rise in
An increase in
Belief in
Change in
Course in
Delay in
Difference in
Difficulty in
Experience in
Growth in
Interest in
Lesson in
in Place in
Success in
Access to
Addiction to
Allusion to
An attitude to
An invitation to
Approach to
Change to
Concern to
Contribution to
Damage to
Dedication to
Desire to
Devotion to
Invitation to
Newcomer to
Reaction to
Reason to
Reference to
Relevance to
Resistance to
Response to
Solution to
Threat to
Transition to
Visit to
Debate on
Information on
Hold on
Agreement on
Ban on
Congratulations on
Decision on
Report on
Agreement about
Anxiety about
Concern about
Confusion about
Debate about
Decision about
Information about
Story about
A link between
A connection between
A contact between two
A difference between two
A relationship between
Bond between
Excerpt from
Transition from
Authority over
Control over